Expressing Development Methods with ISO/IEC 24744


Datum und Uhrzeit:
5. Juni 2007 von 10:30 bis 11:00 Uhr

Describing development methodologies in a user-friendly manner is a daunting task, often neglected by approaches that are too concerned with the process side of things rather than people or products. This presentation introduces the new ISO/IEC 24744 metamodel, which departs from the traditional view of development methodologies as collections of processes that are „executed” by an organisation to adopt a more humanistic and opportunistic view in which elements from software factories, object orientation, representation theory and radical management are carefully incorporated. The theoretical underpinnings of ISO/IEC 24744 also depart from the classical assumptions that a metamodel stack should be based on „instance-of” relationships, adopting a dual-modelling approach in which powertype patterns and clabjects are employed to achieve a richer, more expressive language. Particular emphasis is made in presenting these ideas for practitioners and software developers.

This presentation explains the rationale undelying ISO/IEC 24744, introduces its basic structure, and shows some examples of its usage and extension.


Cesar Gonzalez-Perez: Cesar is a research project leader at the European Software Institute, where he leads research efforts in the areas of modelling, development methodologies and metamodelling. Previously, Cesar worked over 3 years at the Faculty of IT of the University of Technology, Sydney. He is also the founder and former technical director of Neco, a company based in Spain specialising in software development support services, which include the deployment and use of OPEN/Metis at small and mid-sized organizations. He has also worked for the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain as a researcher in computing & archaeology, and got his PhD in this topic in 2000. Cesar is one of the major contributors to AS 4651 and ISO/IEC 24744.

Michael Deynet is research assistant at the chair of Prof. Rausch at the Technische Universität Clausthal. He will elaborate his doctoral thesis in the area of process models with integrated methodical support. He has already been a research assistant at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern at the chair of Software Architecture and is involved in the development of the V-Modell XT. Michael Deynet's research interests in software engineering include: (1) Model-based software engineering, (2) model-based specifications techniques, (3) modelling of software processes.


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